Pig Dinner 2015 Details

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Pig Dinner is quickly approaching!

While this is geared for the classes of the 60s, 80s, and 2000s to celebrate the anniversaries of the classes of ’65, ’90, and ’05, the party is not limited to those years, so come help your Brothers celebrate and reconnect. Sign up below now to save your place and let other brothers know that you’re going.

Check out the 2015 Attendees.

Attendees 2015 
Alpha Phi Brother Class Bob Brungraber 1951 George Allen 1952 George Qua 1952 Bill Hickman 1952 Paul Geiger 1955 Bill Robinson 1956 Ian Hunter 1962 Len Lofstrom 1964 Tom Eames 1965 Mike Carter 1965 Dick Esposito 1965 Bob Spaly 1965 Kelley Rea 1966 Dave Vaughn 1966 Dick Bereza 1966 Chris Parker 1968 Don Sanderson 1968 Mario Angelo 1971 Ken Nemerovski 1972 Paul Heininger 1974 Don DeMallie 1978 Ed Knighton 1980 Stephen Hudolin 1981 Andy Hans 1981 Timothy Kay 1982 Ken Harris 1982 Chris Williams 1982 Glen Walborn 1982 Gordy Erley 1982 Bob Anderson 1982 Bob Allis 1983 Chris Genther 1983 Bob Pierce 1983 John Melick 1984 Brent Jacobs 2003 Eric Heininger 2006 Reid Scott 2006 Phil Watkins 2007 Dan Leader 2008 Dan Bruce 2010 Tom Zidar 2016 Connor Mundy 2016 Tyler Samuels 2016 Andrew Petkus 2016 Andrew Padula 2016 Garrett Anderson 2016 Danny Schrage 2016 Conner Holm 2016 Rob Farb 2017 Charles Hall 2017 Joe Muska 2017 Jim Schena 2017 Sam Fisher 2017 Dan Reilly 2017 Andy Simor 2017 Conner Genther 2017 Bill Buschle 2017 Mike Willian 2017 Chris O’Reily 2017   Other schools School Ben Brungraber Cornell 1974 Joe Bruce Cornell 1977     Guests   John Thomson (Ian Hunter) UM (Delt)   

Please see the event information below and click on the links to go to the sign-up page.


Alumni Association Reunion Night (eve) – $80 (tbd)

UM Alumni Association is holding a reunion event featuring the classes of ’55, ’65, ’75, ’85, ’95, and ’05. Our Fiji alums will gather as a group as part of this event. There will be dinner, dancing, and entertainment, along with good reminiscing.

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Brunch at Fiji house (10-12 am) – $15

Enjoy a tasty brunch at the house Saturday before the 3 pm football game. Take a look at the house and relax with your classmates.
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Tailgate with Gordy Erley (afternoon)

Join the other Fijis at the traditional Erley tailgate after Brunch on the way to the game. Details to follow.

Wolverines v Northwestern Football (3 pm) – $80 (tbd)

We have access to a limited number of tickets for this exciting homecoming game. Sign up now so you can sit with your Fiji Brothers. Cost $75. Get your seats now.
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Pig Dinner Friday at Fiji house (Brothers only) – $65

This is the Pig Dinner that we all know and love. Please take the opportunity to break bread with your brothers, reconnect with old classmates, meet the current undergrads, and share in the traditions of Phi Gamma Delta.
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For more on the history of Pig Dinner, please click here.

Last modified: December 19, 2023