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    Career mentorship is one of the biggest things that alumni can offer to undergraduates.  After a certain amount of time in college, undergrads start getting concerned about grad schools and jobs.  Fortunately, this is something alumni can absolutely help out with.

    What Undergraduate Brothers Get Out of It

    • Real-life accounts of what has worked, and hasn’t worked, in similar career tracks
    • Advice on graduate school, med school, law school, business school, etc.
    • Feedback on questions from a professional in the field
    • Connections to other people that can assist with current hurdles (i.e., connections of connections)
    • Appreciation from graduate brothers for all that they are doing for the fraternity
    • A potential reference letter from a well-respected graduate that can speak first hand of the brother’s character and contributions to the fraternity and community
    • Potential internships, clerkships, jobs, etc.

    What Alumni Get Out of It

    • Appreciation from the undergraduates for helping them in the next stage of their life
    • The ability to directly help those that are helping the fraternity (something greater than themselves)
    • Engagement by upperclassmen who can help continue to steer the fraternity and mold the younger members
    • A connection to the university and the fraternity
    • Direct knowledge of the people that may be staffing their internships or entry-level jobs
    • Potential mentors for their children who could be attending UM

    Please contact the graduate board if you are interested in assisting any way.  For more information, please see the posting: https://umfiji.org/job/career-mentor/


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