Summer 2015 Repairs In-Progress

Summer is a busy time at the Michigan Fiji house. It’s the time of year when we are able to bring in contractors to do major repairs to maintain the physical structure. This year, we invested over $40,000 in a new boiler for the heating system, roof repairs, painting, kitchen upgrades, and some bathroom repairs. Since it is an older house, we must budget for such repairs every year. In addition to these structural upgrades, we must also account for various types of fraternity “wear and tear” that can only be determined once the brothers move out for the summer and we are able to assess the situation.

Fortunately, the necessary repairs this year were slightly less than we had originally budgeted for and the brothers left the house in reasonably good condition. As a result, the Housing Corporation decided to spend an additional $15,000 upgrading the living room with a new dry-walled ceiling (vs. drop down panels), new recessed lighting, and a completely new and refinished hardwood floor.

The decision to invest in the living room was made for a number of reasons. First, it’s the first thing guests see when they enter the house besides the entryways. Second, it is where many of the fraternity gatherings are held, which includes social events, alumni reunions, parents’ weekends, new member recruiting events, and brotherhood events. During the times where there isn’t an organized event, brothers use the space for general lounging and TV watching. Since this common area is a place where many college memories are made, we wanted to make it a little nicer than it has been in the past.

Attached are some picture of the work in progress.

New Ceilings

SummerRepair_0393 SummerRepair_0426 SummerRepair_0351 SummerRepair_0390

New Hardwood Floor

SummerRepair_0392 SummerRepair_0391 SummerRepair_0390 SummerRepair_0428 SummerRepair_0427 SummerRepair_0425 SummerRepair_0424

New Grease Trap (Not very sexy, but it increases functionality)

SummerRepair_0389 SummerRepair_0388 SummerRepair_0387

New Below-Counter Cooler (Again, not very sexy unless you are the chef)

SummerRepair_0396 SummerRepair_0395 SummerRepair_0394



38 FIJIs living in 707 Oxford

707 Oxford will have 38 brothers living in the house this coming school year.

Here’s the pledge class breakdown:

  • 13 Psis (Fall ’13)
  • 5 Omegas (Winter ’14)
  • 17 Alpha Alphas (Fall ’14)
  • 3 Alpha Betas (Winter ’15)

44 FIJIs living in 707 Oxford

707 Oxford is at capacity this coming school year with 44 brothers living in the house. This is a large increase from last year, when 32 brothers lived in.

Here’s the pledge class breakdown:

  • 6 Taus (Fall ’11)
  • 14 Upsilons (Winter ’12)
  • 22 Phis (Fall ’12)
  • 2 Chis (Winter ’13)