Fijis win Freeze the Puck on Cancer Fundraiser

Fijis win the first annual Freeze the Puck on Cancer contest at Yost Ice Arena by beating Phi Psi 4-1. The Phi Gams raised around $10,000 for charity as part of this philanthropy event, which was sponsored by many local businesses in Ann Arbor. In addition to the business community involvement, funds were also raised by selling tickets to students in and outside of the Greek Life community.

FIJI makes it to Mud Bowl Semifinals

FIJI made it to the Mud Bowl semifinals this year after defeating Sigma Phi Epsilon, Sigma Alpha Mu, and Alpha Epsilon Pi in the preliminary games. Phi Kappa Psi defeated FIJI to advance to the Mud, where they ultimately lost to Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

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FIJI Islanders Hockey Team in Championship Game

The team came from being 7th out of 8 teams in the league, up to 4th in the standings, and to the Championship game by winning 12 in a row. Despite losing the championship game at Veterans Memorial Ice Arena, the team had an overall great season.


FIJI wins Winterfest

2/19/2013 – FIJI won Wintefest, a fraternity-wide broomball tournament hosted at Psi U this past Saturday. FIJI defeated SAE, ZBT, and Phi Psi to make it to the finals against Psi U, whom we defeated 2-0. All proceeds from Psi U’s fundraising event are split between The Miracle League of Plymouth and The Thin Blue Line of Michigan.

Michigan FIJI plays in the Mud Bowl

11/15/2012 – FIJI made it to the Mud Bowl this year against SAE after defeating TDX, Phi Psi, Phi Delt, and AEPi in the preliminary games. Despite a 30-12 SAE victory, FIJI is optimistic about its chances next year and expects to see SAE in the finals again.

Watch highlights below from the finals: