We believe that in everything we do, it is an active part
of social, cultural and environmental change.

Not only are undergraduate members enriched, but the university, local, and national communities are changed for the better. Here are a few stats:

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Matter of issues of sustainability

Your contribution helps ensure the organization and the physical structure is here for years to come.

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We want people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to thrive academically, socially, professionally, and beyond.

We want a better and kinder world.  We want leaders that have the skills and compassion to make that a reality.

Our leaders support the chapter and its mission in many different ways, utilizing their unique skill sets and persistence.

Ross Marlow

President, Undergraduate Chapter

We are grateful to our awesome sponsors. Thank you!

Who We Are

Our organization supports its members' pursuits in college and beyond.

Non-Profit Educational Organization.
We help develop and support our members in academics and their careers.

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