Two Silhouettes

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Two silhouettes on a hill top,
Above them the silvery moon beams.
One is a Phi Gamma Delta;
The other the girl of his dreams.

For deep in the heart of a Fiji,
Is a spot saved for one alone.
And there in the moonlight
He tells her,
He wants her to be his own.

Guided by faith in the white star
Their two lives have only begun.
Now in the magic of evening,
The two silhouettes become one.

This track was made available by Phi Gamma Delta IHQ.  Recorded June 1960 at RCA Studios, New York City. Produced by Richard Maltby (Northwestern 1936). The seventeen-voice male chorus was organized and supervised by Michael Stewart, conducted by James Leyden. Song arrangements by Maltby and Leyden. Hummel Fishburn (Penn State 1922) consulted.

Last modified: December 20, 2023