Marching Fiji Men

Written by

by Donald R. Richberg (Chicago 1901)


Where ever a star is shining in the sky,
Where ever a flag of hope may bravely fly,
Where ever a brother clasps a Phi Gamma Delta hand,
You’ll find yourself if Fiji-land.

For Fiji’s a land that reaches ’round the earth,
And no one can tell you half of what it’s worth.
Now some of its sons are marching steadily ev’rywhere,
With the men who care and the men who dare.

For we are the marching, marching Fiji men,
And here we come swinging, swinging once again.
Up over the hills we march, we march away,
We march in the sunlight, starlight night and day,
`For we are the marching, marching Fiji men,
And here we come singing, singing once again.
Whatever the weather, gather from afar
And hail Phi Gamma Delta’s guiding star,
Phi Gamma Delta, here we are!

This track was made available by Phi Gamma Delta IHQ.  Recorded June 1960 at RCA Studios, New York City. Produced by Richard Maltby (Northwestern 1936). The seventeen-voice male chorus was organized and supervised by Michael Stewart, conducted by James Leyden. Song arrangements by Maltby and Leyden. Hummel Fishburn (Penn State 1922) consulted.

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