Fijiland Is The Land For Me

Written by

by Phillip E. Lyon (Ohio Wesleyan 1916) written in the fall of 1915


See the pretty girlie standing there
with her lovin’ eyes of blue
See that bunch of fellows waiting there
just to see what she will do
There’s Beta, Deke and FIJI and Sigma Chi
Every kind of greek there is beneath the sky
Each one thinks he takes the pretty girlie’s eye
Think’s he won those lovin’ eyes of blue
And when she turns the boys all start to pray
And this is what they hear her loudly say:

Fijiland is sure the land for me
talk about your hospitality
they’ve got the grand old rep
Lots o’ pep lots o’ pep
FIJI for me its just as plain as can be
You just love to see them dance around
sing the Scotchman til the heavens resound
And then march on march on FIJI or never
I could lose my heart to FIJI forever
Its as plain as can be and everybody can see
that FIJIland is sure the land for
I’ll take my stand for
Fijiland is sure the land for me
the land for me

This track was made available by Phi Gamma Delta IHQ.  Recorded June 1960 at RCA Studios, New York City. Produced by Richard Maltby (Northwestern 1936). The seventeen-voice male chorus was organized and supervised by Michael Stewart, conducted by James Leyden. Song arrangements by Maltby and Leyden. Hummel Fishburn (Penn State 1922) consulted.

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