Fiji Honeymoon

Written by

by Harry Wilson; arr. by W.C. Stier (Lafayette 1884). First published 1922.


Just take an evening in the springtime
In the merry month of June
With your little Fiji sweetheart
Underneath the Fiji moon
We sit together in a porch swing

That is big enough for one strong enough for two
That’s the way a Phi Gam spends his Fiji Honeymoon
We’ll go upon our honeymoon in the merry, merry month of June
And together we will wander where the honeysuckle grows
We’ll jump right in out toy balloon and we’ll sail we’ll sail right up to the moon
To the land of milk and honey, on our Fiji honeymoon

This track was made available by Phi Gamma Delta IHQ.  Recorded June 1960 at RCA Studios, New York City. Produced by Richard Maltby (Northwestern 1936). The seventeen-voice male chorus was organized and supervised by Michael Stewart, conducted by James Leyden. Song arrangements by Maltby and Leyden. Hummel Fishburn (Penn State 1922) consulted.

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