Chapter wins IM Hockey

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On January 11, 2003, Eric Syrjanen and Brent Jacobs told the AP Board that the Fijis would win the Hockey IM. It had something to do with how the stick is held. In February 2005, the team delivered. The FIJI Snowy White Owls came home with an IM championship this seas on. The winning team consisted of brothers: Adam Oakley, Sean Ewing. Jamie Dalton, Jeff Moss, Kyle Killebrew, Justin Kushner, Bill Masch, Ryan Mlynarek, Pete Filpansick, Steve Selinsky, and Pat Tokarski as our goal tender. FIJI overcame the Pirates in the championship game with a final score of8-1. The team would like to thank all of the other brothers that came to support them during the championship game.

Last modified: December 20, 2023