Jim Posther (’65) Remembered

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On October 8, 2004, a memorial ceremony was held in the music room at 707 to honor James K. Posther, ’65.  The ceremony was the culmination of an effort begun in April 2003 to dedicate the music room to Jim and to raise money in his name for the house renovation work.

Jim’s mom, Annie Posther, his wide, Susie (now Susie Posther Horton), his brother Dave and sister Carol, and his two daughters, Katie and Abbey all supported this undertaking.  And all of them were present at the memorial ceremony.

Jim, or “Post” as he was affectionately known, was chapter president in 1964-1865.  He was a model leader, gentle but with convictions.  He upheld the best of Phi Gamma Delta traditions.  He was a great friend.  Unfortunately, Jim died shortly after his 40th birthday from Hodgkin’s disease.

The memorial ceremony was a wonderful remembrance of Jim.  Doug Denise, 65′ and Kelley Rea, 66′, spoke of their humorous and touching memories of Jim.  Dave Posther, Susie, Annie and Katie all offered their recollections as well.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, and signing of “College Days,” a plaque was unveiled that reads:

Dedicated to James K. Posther ’65
(1943 – 1982),
Chapter President
A life too short but rich
in friendships, good deeds,
and perpetual optimism.

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