There are two sources for scholarship assistance to pledges and initiated members of the Alpha Phi Chapter of Phi Gamma Delta.

The first source is the Phi Gamma Delta Educational Foundation of the International Fraternity.  The International Fraternity offers an Academic Achievement Award (“AAA” or “Triple A”) scholarship in the amount of $250 to newly initiated members of Phi Gamma Delta who earn a 3.2 GPA during their pledging semester.  For the scholarship details and application information:  (Reposted details below)

Academic Achievement Award (Triple A)

Academic Achievement Awards (Triple A) encourage academic excellence in Phi Gamma Delta’s newly initiated members. For the last 65 years, the Phi Gamma Delta Educational Foundation has supported the educational and academic programs of the Fraternity’s members. Recognizing that undergraduate members need a healthy academic environment for their scholastic aspirations, the Foundation helps build solid leaders by making the greatest impact possible upon the academic careers of the members of Phi Gamma Delta. The Foundation’s Triple A, a $250 scholarship available to newly initiated members of Phi Gamma Delta who earn a 3.2 GPA during their pledging semester. Statistics show that people who start their academic careers with high GPAs are more likely to graduate with higher GPAs and graduate from the same school. 

Individual Requirements  

  • Applicant must be an initiated member of a Phi Gamma Delta chapter or colony.  
  • The GPA to qualify for Triple A is 3.2 on a 4.0 GPA scale during his pledging semester (see grade verification below). 
  • Applicant must complete a minimum 12 credit hours for the semester.  
  • Applicant must complete and send to the Foundation the Academic Achievement Awards Application and grade verification.   

Chapter Requirements

  • Chapter must have properly pledged and initiated the applicant.  
  • Chapter must have turned in all pledge and initiation forms and fees to the International Fraternity.  
  • Chapter President must verify membership by signing the application.   

Grade Verification

The Foundation will accept an original official grade transcript from the school for the individual applicant which contains the applicant’s grade point average of the semester/quarter in which he pledged and his name printed on it by the University. The Foundation will also accept an original signed report from a school official which lists each newly initiated member’s grade point average by Fraternity. This report must include the applicant’s name, Fraternity name and grade point average for the reporting term. This report may be available from your Greek Advisor, IFC or Dean of Students. Any member accepting the Academic Achievement Award agrees to also accept emails and/or electronic communication from the Fraternity and Foundation while they are undergraduate members. If for any reason a new check must be issued, a $25 charge will be assessed.

Deadline for Submitting

Any Triple A applicant has six months after his initiation to submit his Triple A application. It is the applicant’s responsibility to insure the application and all attachments are received at the Foundation offices. The Foundation does not contact the applicant when an application is incomplete.

Download Triple A Application (U.S.)
Download Triple A Application (Canadian)
Triple A questionnaire

PGD of Michigan Foundation

The second source of scholastic assistance is through the Phi Gamma Delta of Michigan Foundation and scholarships funded by former fraternity members through the University of Michigan.  The Michigan Foundation is a 501c3 foundation set up for the Alpha Phi Chapter.  Every year for the past several years, the Michigan Foundation has awarded about 50 scholarships, totaling about $20,000, to undergraduate members of the fraternity.  These scholarships are typically awarded in the summer, based on scholastic and other achievement over the previous two terms, without need for formal application by the member.

For undergraduate members living in the chapter house for the full school year, $250 is awarded to members who have achieved a 3.0 gpa, and $500 is awarded to members who have achieved a 3.2 gpa.  For those men who live in the house for one term, the scholarship amount is reduced by half.

For members living outside the house, $200 or $250 is awarded to the top ten (or 15) gpa carrying members.

In addition, the Michigan Foundation awards two scholarships for scholastic achievement combined with other qualifications, one for overall good citizenship in the amount of $1,000 and the other for philanthropic achievements in the amount of $500.

Two other scholarships have been funded by members of the fraternity through donations to the University of Michigan.  The chapter, in tandem with the University, selects the recipients and determines the amount for each of these awards.  One, the Reynolds Rich Smith Award, is awarded to a senior who best exemplifies the qualities of scholarship, leadership, substantial character, and general manliness.  In recent years, the amount of the RRS Award has been $1,500.  The second award, the Harmon St. Clair award, is given to the member of the junior class with the highest cumulative gpa.  The amount of this award has been in the range of $1,500 to $2,000.

Last modified: December 26, 2023

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